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Having graduated with a first class Fine Art degree from Bath School of Art and Design in the summer of 2021, I am now pursuing a career as a full time artist. 


My practice combines a lifelong passion for horses and painting, exploring the physicality and presence of the animal. Their movement, personality, and the intimate relationship between human and horse are central themes in my work. I often work on a large-scale and make use of carefully considered compositions that emulate the experience of standing in the horse's presence, cropping the composition to mirror our natural field of vision at a given moment.

A particular focus of mine is the dynamism and strength in the movement of horse's legs, capturing the exertion on tendons and joints in the different


gaits. As such, the accuracy of the conformation of the horse is important to my work and I take time to sketch the painting out as correctly as I can. Having ridden for the majority of my life, I have gained a thorough understanding of equine anatomy and movement which has played a useful part in this process. 

I take enjoyment in the act of painting itself, and in some pieces have left the grid lines of the underdrawing exposed, offering an insight into its formation. This is further explored in my abstract works which experiment with different processes of hand making such as stitching and wrapping with string as a means of producing texture and pattern. I see the work created in this way as a visual memory of the processes used in making it.

I take on commissions for both my abstract and figurative work. To learn more please visit Commissions.

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